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Status of Road to California In Person Event

Last Updated July 26, 2022


Currently, the State of California has no limitations or requirements of mass indoor events such as Road to California. If we have learned anything from the COVID-19 Pandemic is to expect the unexpected. We do not have any clue if there will be restrictions on indoor events or not come January 2023. As such the current policy of Road to California for COVID-19 and our show is as follows

Face Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required.

Vaccination and/or negative tests are strongly encouraged but not required. 

HOWEVER, we will follow all rules inacted by the State of California, San Bernanrndino County and the City of Ontario at the time of the show. Vendors, Staff, Attendees are all expected to follow these rules, whatever they may be. Failure to comply with the rules will result in not being allowed to enter the convention center and no refunds will be provided.

In short-  the rules that apply to events today will most likely be different once its show time in January. Subscribe to our newsletter for the most up to date information. Additionally, this page will update as we get more concrete guidance from OCC and the State of California.